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That's me and my beautiful daughter, Corey, to the left of the Philadelphia skyline at night.

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On Sale February 14, 2010

As you visit, you will get to know a little about me and a whole lot more about Brandy, and all that is the Brandy Alexander Mystery series. BrandyAlexander? -  isn’t that the name of a cocktail? – A porn star?   Not my Brandy Alexander.  My Brandy Alexander lives in Philadelphia – a life which revolves around a cast of characters I hope you learn to love as much as I do. 

Meet Brandy and her family and friends.  Grab a book off the Bookshelf, read a chapter and order the book. 

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There are two things that Brandy Alexander and I totally agree on.  First, there is No Such Thing As a Secret, a Good Blind Date, a Free Lunch, or a Free Ride

Second, there is nothing better than chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate! A girl cannot live on chocolate alone. Luckily, for those other hungry times, there is no food to satisfy a craving like Philly favorites.  Cheesesteaks, cannoli, pizza and all foods Italian. Yum! 

My hope is that after visiting my website, you'll feel like you've had a little taste of my beloved Philadelphia, even if you've never been there before.


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